Super Juggling Entertainer
Dandy GO

The authority of the juggling community
Who spread ciger box phenomenum all over Japan!

The homework expert of TVfs gHappy Family Planh

Dandy GO

Somewhat humorous,yet an affectation insyyle
Dandyism is a unique blend of both charm and cheek.
An attractive individual character, extremely popular,
not only to a child but also to an adult !

Dance Ball Diabolo

Main contents Other work
Ball or Diabolo
Ciger box
Spinning plates
@@@or Shaker cups
Magic balloon
Roller balance
eire torch (outdoor)
Knife juggling (indoor)
Devil stick

Ball riding


The main awards
Performance World Cup in Shizuoka 1997 Japan Cupsilverprize
Performance World Cup in Shizuoka 2000 Japan Cupbronzeprize
Performance World Cup in Shizuoka 2001 Japan Cupbronzeprize

Simplified personal history

Studied gTheatreh with the company gTenchi-gekihsince1980,
After which he started acting in theatres, movies, TV dramas and TV commercials.
Went to New York in 1986 studied dance for the a year, appeared in musicals
And review shows after returning to Japan.
Enrolled in gRingling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College Japanhin1990,
learned performance techniques such as clowning and juggling.
At present makes frequent appearances in various events, stages and TV shows
as a performing artist employing his rich experiences and unique character.
He also spends time with rookie performers
for TV programs and stage productions as a technical instructor.

Real name Tsuyoshi Miura    height PVU  p@
@Birth date  July 19.1960     @Weight  UO  s
@@@@Birth place Hiroshima Japan  Shoes QTDT p


TBS  gHappy Family Planh
Homework expert of 12 acts Regular performances1998`2000
i cigar box / devil stick / shaker cups / diabolo / eggs juggling / rings / spinning plate / spinning hat etc.j

TBS [Kingfs Supper] '01
 [Go to school] '98 '01
 [Kingfs Brunch] '97
CXTV [New Year parlor tricks meeting] '94 '95 '00 '01 '02'03
@@@@@@@@@@@(b/Technical instruction of juggling)
@(b/Technical instruction of juggling)
NHK educational [Genius Tvboy wide show]f01
BS-2 [Fruit Sundae] '00.8 / '01.2 / '01.6 / '02.2
NTV [Pikaichi] '99
[Feeling of Meringue] '01
TV Asahi [TV Entertainment] '91
[Kingdom of laugh] '91
[Hizakurige] '01
TV Tokyo [ImitationParadise] '91
Sky Perfec TV [Alive Network] '99
RCC [Excitement Street] '01
Sizuoka first TV  [` vn '99
SBS Shizuoka broadcast [Sole line!] '00
Sinefil imagica station ID '00
FM-Hi! [Chat De show] '99

yCommercial Filmz
National house[Pana Home PLABO]'02
[HFY] '98 '99

Director Masahiro Shinoda work [Owlfs Castle] '99


Hotel / dinner show / party
Festival / amusement park / theme park
Department store / shopping center
Community event / school event (kindergarten`university / institution)
TV /commercials / concert / stage@@etc.


1989.1.26`30 @Shinkobe Oriental Theatre gDANCE ATTACKh
1990.10.22&11.1@Shibuya Janjan gClownfs Time Vol.1h
1991.3.14@Shinjuku Biplane Theatre gSHOW TIME of Rumor Vol.28h
1991.4.10@Shinjuku Biplane Theatre gSHOW TIME of Rumor Vol.29h
1991.5.22`23@Shibuya Janjan gClownfs Time Vol.2h
1991.7.10@Shinjuku Biplane Theatre gSHOW TIME of Rumor Vol.32h
1991.7.12@Ota Kumin Plaza Hall gHanaman Gekijyoh
1991.8.12@Shinjuku Biplane Theatre gSHOW TIME of Rumor Vol.33h
1991.10.7@Shinjuku Biplane Theatre gSHOW TIME of Rumor Vol.35h
1991.10.21@Shinjuku Biplane Theatre gTOKYO DRUG LIVEh
1992.4.14`15@Shinjuku Theatre Mollir gHAVE A DANCE BREAK!h
1993.9.27`29@KITAZAWA TOWNN HALL gPerformance Grand Prix Vol.2h
1994.7.27`30@Tokyo Prince Hotel gTHE MUSESh
1995.2.10`13@Session House gPoin Poin Poinh
1995.5.26@Hibiya Chanter gh
1996.5.31@Hibiya Chanter gh
1998.5.22@Hibiya Chanter gh
1998.11.2@Shizuoka Syouchiku g6 Tricky Personh
1999.11.5@Shizuoka Orion gGeppayah


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